Audio triggering based on GUI placement

Hello everyone! So what I am about to explain will be assisted by a diagram below to help you understand what I’m trying to accomplish. So what I’m trying to do is I’m trying to take audio and have it triggered at certain timed based on where in my GUI the user clicks. This is meant to be similar to how you place midi notes in ableton or protools. The GUI will consist of four separate measures, each pertaining to their own sound source. Along the measures will be little bubbles that can be clicked to indicate when you want the sound triggered. When these bubbles are clicked they will fill in with color so the user knows that the sound will be played. For example, in the poorly drawn picture below sound 1 is played on the first two beats, sound two is played on the third beat, sound three is played on the fourth beat, and sound four is played on the last three beats. Excuse my uneven measure, this was meant to be in 4/4 but I didn’t plan the drawing out that well. So my question is how can I communicate, if I can communicate, with JUCE so it knows that each button refers to a specific point in time and that it pertains to a specific sounds. I don’t believe the clicking and filling in colors should be to complicated. Thank you in advance! Any help would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Make each blob a MIDI note and use the MIDI to trigger a synth sample


What if they’re sounds just recorded that are being stored in an audio sample buffer array?