Audio Unit: Creating old-style pre-Lion with component manager

Hey all,

I’m back porting an audio unit I wrote that uses the newer audio unit dictionary and component entry points. I’d like to try out Renoise but I just got word from them that they only support the older pre-Lion Audio Unit entry points. How can we create audio units in this style with the current Projucer? Is it still possible? Do I need an older version?

For reference, see: Technical Note TN2276 - Audio Unit AUPlugIn - Updating an existing Audio Unit for OS X Lion and later

Hope you can help! = Ash

Heya, just wanted to leave this here in case someone else runs into this. I enabled JUCE_FORCE_LEGACY_PARAMETER_AUTOMATION_TYPE in the juce_audio_plugin_client module. I’m assuming this turns on the old plugin manager and can therefore the Audio Unit can be recognized by Renoise. I’m told that they plan to move to the newer-style Audio Units at some point (not AudioUnitv3 as far as I can tell) sometime in the near future.

JUCE supports both type of entry points and I can’t see how the above macro could have anything to do with this.

Oh, weird, it must’ve been a coincidence. I changed this back to (Default) and it still shows up. I don’t remember changing anything else before and after. Strange.

Well, at any rate, thanks for supporting both entry points! Maybe in another decade, DAWs will support AUv3. Cheers~