Audio unit that mirrors input to soundflower? Possible or not?

I am looking to ways of internally routing audio out of a DAW that doesn’t rely on the main audio outputs. As example - a audio unit that can be inserted into the main stereo bus which can then be routed independently to soundflower. Is this even possible?

This will require some interprocess communication but in theory should be possible. A nice and simple way to get audio out of the DAW process is to use filesystem-backed fifos. You can make a fifo file with the shell command mkfifo. In the AudioUnit plug-in, you simply write the audio to that file. Then, a utility process can run and read the data from that file and route this to soundflower.

Any other ideas?

Wouldn’t it be possible to use the audio device manager inside the plugin, open the output device and have the fifo in memory? One thing to be aware of though is, that it might be difficult to get it all in sync with the hosts output, because the plugins process() might be called in separate threads, that’s especially true if you want to get the audio out of multiple plugin instances.

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