AudioAppComponent not initialising audio device?

Seems to be a problem with the AudioAppComponent not selecting or initialising an audio device. Works OK on master branch at 4.2.4 but not OK on current develop tip.

Is this on windows? Just tried the BouncingBallWavetableDemo and it seems to work fine on OS X.

Yeah on Windows - have seen the same problem on both my machines, but haven’t narrowed it down to a specific commit…

Damn, BouncingBallWavetableDemo works - looks like I might have to do some digging.

Any hints on which of the commits since 4.2.4 I should take a look at?

Turns out that it was initialising OK, but failing in prepareToPlay() because I was calling getTotalNumOutputChannels() on an AudioProcessor member. The new implementation of getTotalNumOutputChannels() returns a cached value which in this case is still set to zero.

Fabian - any advice on how to sort this out?

This is not new: an AudioProcessor has zero in and out channels by default. You need to call setPlayConfigDetails to assign a number of channels to the audio processor.

JUCE versions since 4.1 have the old (broken) multibus API which does init the AudioProcessor to stereo in and out. With the new multibus API (on develop) we reverted back to the old (pre JUCE 4.1) behaviour.

Thanks Fabian, that’s just what I needed - the stereo init was too forgiving!

Perhaps the class description for AudioProcessor should make mention of the need to call setPlayConfigDetails if using one inside an AudioAppComponent?