AudioDeviceManager Issue

Hi Jules,

I’ve come across a peculiar edge case when switching driver; if there are no devices available for the destination driver, the number of I/O channels do not get updated.
My host application relies on knowing this information to clear connections when necessary, and to obviously clear any UI elements representing the channels.

Edit: [size=85]Note: I used the dummy device because it’s how I noticed it in the first place… The same thing happens with every other driver.[/size]

Allow me to illustrate by switching from my own dummy driver to ASIO in the PluginHost:
[attachment=1]Step 1 - Use Dummy Driver.png[/attachment]
[attachment=0]Step 2 - Select ASIO, where there are no devices available.png[/attachment]

Yeah, I think you’d need to remove and re-create the input nodes when that happens. Their channel count is set when the nodes are created.