Audiodevices: non-unique device names


There’s at least one soundcard out there (Presonus Firepod) that returns identical names for all of its stereo channels (this particular device has 5x2 stereo channels, and AudioIODeviceType->getDeviceNames returns “Speakers (Presonus Firepod WDM Audio)” for each of them, which makes it rather impossible to keep them apart. Is there any possibility to access the GUIDs of these devices and, most importantly, set the in- and outputs of an AudioDeviceSetup using GUIDs instead of device names?


A guid isn’t a cross-platform concept, so wouldn’t want to introduce that, but perhaps whichever AudioDeviceType you’re using should be adding some numbers to the device names it returns, to distinguish them?


Ah, I see that you’re doing that already in the DirectSound type (for instance). Great, will take it from there, thanks.