AudioDeviceSelector/MidiIn strangeness

SEQ24 can export it’s midi outputs as ALSA devices. These show up in the AudioDeviceSelectorComponent inputs list, as expected. However their names are reduced to “seq24”. I think they are supposed to be “[1]seq24 1”, “[2]seq24 2” etc.
Thats how they look in the aconnect utility, as well as in the sequencer itself.

Also, when you select one of them, all of them become active.

Probably it gives them all the same name and it’s up to the other apps to add the numbers to differentiate them. I’ll take a look as soon as I can…

If you’re not stripping any chars, that’s probably it. The names themselves are not that important come to think of it, as long as you can select one without selecting all the others. But I guess it’s the same issue.

More messing with the audio demo…

If I select a Midi input device, and then un-select it, I get an assertion on juce_threads.cpp line 185. I doesn’t matter if I close the selection window in between or just do it badabing badaboom. Which device I de-select doesn’t seem to matter either.

Edit: Should add, that selecting a device and then disconnecting it externally (turning off my USB keyboard or closing seq24) doesn’t cause any problemos. It goes away gracefully. It’s just when I de-select.

And by the looks of it it’s some kind of time-out because I get the please-wait mouse pointer for something like five seconds and then the assertion happens.
Seems to work as of 1.44. Cheers.