AudioGraph Node with Multiple Internal Inputs


So I’ve gotten basic signals to work. However, as soon as I try to do a complex connection within the graph it reverts back to a linear connection in sync with how the nodes were added. It is disregarding the connections setup in update graph function.

Osc1 to summing node.
Osc2 to summing node.


If I add a reverb node I only hear Osc2 in the reverb. Which was processed after osc1.

+= in the summing node does not fix the problem either.

I’ve tried going to my FX node by adding a summing node with 4 channels and grabbing the 3 and 4th inputs. However nothing but osc2 when I send the summing node to an effect.

To go even further then I add a second FX after reverb I only hear Osc2 through that FX.

Do normal audio processors handle multiple inputs?

Should I be grabbing the extra buffers read pointers or the original buffers 3 and 4th channel?

Or is all this because I’m using audio processors and not one of the 4 IO audioprocessors? Like audio input and output nodes.

Listen, I’m future you…

This idea of using the graph was wrong. It’s impossible.

Listen @TypeWriter. Even ask your old account @TypeWrit3r.

Your best bet is to use an owned array and a base class then use the manually in the block.

Best of luck, even though I know you figured it out.
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