audioMasterUpdateDisplay should be called on the UI thread

audioMasterUpdateDisplay should be called on the UI thread. Or else Ableton Live ignores it and won’t update the GUI.

What are you doing that isn’t being picked up? I’ve just thrown together a test VST which changes the program name randomly and calls AudioProcessor::updateHostDisplay() (which will call through to JuceVSTWrapper::audioProcessorChanged() and Vst2::audioMasterUpdateDisplay) on the audio thread and the change is being picked up and displayed in Live. This is on macOS using Live 10.

The program name. I’m testing on Windows with the latest beta of Live.

I see the same issue on macOS. 10.1.9b5

Here is a video of the issue:

Here is the code:

Ah ok, I was testing this by calling updateHostDisplay() from the audio thread which works. I wasn’t testing with background threads. Should be sorted in this commit.

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What about VST3? AU? AAX? Do they maybe suffer from similar issues?