AudioPlugin: size reporting? receptor issue

Hiya, just had an email from Ben KVR, regarding the plugins i’ve released so far. Apparently he believes they may not be properly reporting the interface size to the host, which results in the GUI not being shown when trying to load them on a Receptor (and thus rendering them useless).

I’ll try to find out more information, but i thought you might like to know that. I imagine it’s certainly a platform you’ve overlooked in your testing of the plugin framework! It’d certainly be a really big plus to be able to say that most juce plugins are receptor compatible.

When your plugin creates its editor component, do you make sure it’s given the correct size before you return it? If your component’s got an initial size of (0, 0) then that’s what the host will see when it asks for the GUI.

I don’t know if Ben’s tried PPMulator in receptor, but haven’t heard any complaints about that not working yet.

hmm, curious! i’ve just checked my code and the size is set in the constructor… i’ll double check my other plugins, perhaps one he tested doesn’t. I’ll get him to test PPMulator as well so that we know for sure. As usual it’s probably something silly on my part!

[edit… still looking :hihi:]

I’ve got Oblique working by creating a custom XML file, much like Dan did for TrackPAD (post at KVR), although Trackpad still doesn’t work for me :frowning:

The GUI size thing appears to be something to do with effEditOpen returning zero from what I can gather - I’ll let you know what I find out from Dan.

Jules, I can get PPM to install on Receptor, and I can instantiate it but it restarts Receptor when I try to view the GUI. I’ve asked Dan if he has any ideas.

Hi Ben

Thanks for having a go - looking through Steinberg’s VST code, their demos do seem to return 1 from effEditOpen. This is the first host I’ve heard of that had a problem with it, but I’ll make sure I fix it in the wrapper code.

I love the way VST is so well documented - leaves nothing to guesswork at all!

Cool, thanks :smiley: I don’t know why our host doesn’t deal with it more gracefully :?

If you want to email me a test compile of a plug-in I can test it with Receptor.