AudioPluginDemo as auv3 on macos 10.5.x / juce6?

tldr; can anyone on macos 10.5 / juce6 manage to get AudioPluginDemo working as an auv3 on macos in logic/garageband? or to show up in auvaltool -al?

i’m using juce6 and on macos 10.5.5. i cannot get AudioPluginDemo to run as an auv3 plugin in logic or garage band. i also can’t get it recognized by auvaltool -al.

i’ve tried rebooting, killall -9 AudioComponentRegistrar, etc.

i have verified that the au build works as i’d expect - it shows up in auvaltool -al, works in logic and garage band.

i’ve also made sure that no instances of the au component are on disk when i’m testing auv3.

also i can get my current plugin project (using juce6) working as an auv3 in logic and garage band so it doesn’t seem impossible (it doesn’t work if the .component version also exists on disk, but that’s another topic that i’m not done digging into).