AudioPluginFormatManager::createPluginInstanceAsync(...), to what extent?

Hello, another question. I tried using this method today to load AU/VST on OSX. My GUI blocks while heavy-weight plugins load (like Reaktor). Is async capability only available for certain formats?

I only ask, because my current code doesn’t use any of the async methods, and I’ll save alot of time by not switching to the async interface.

No, it should work for all formats AFAIK.

Welp, I suppose this is a bug report, because on my system they aren’t loading async in terms of non-blocked GUI. I’ll test out the Juce Plugin Host example and see if it does it there too.

well, there’s no guarantee that some plugins won’t themselves decide to block the message thread while they initialise. In fact I’d be very surprised if that wasn’t something that many of them do. But it’s not something we could fix from the host side.

Ahhh, yeah. Didn’t think of that, it’s probably just the plugin blocking. Anyway, thanks again!