AudioPluginHost always asks to save when exiting?

I was testing my plugin’s get/setStateInformation and thought I was not saving/restoring properly, but it looks like the problem is with AudioPluginHost.

I deleted all plugins, saved and quit. Then I restarted AudioPluginHost (and it loaded it’s previous state) and tried to quit…it then asked if I wanted to save changes. I didn’t make any.

Can someone else verify this and that’s incorrect behavior?

Just tested it from a fresh build of the host…

Closing after first run prompts to save the untitled filtergraph, save it as test.filtergraph.
Run the host again and it loads up test.filtergraph, on closing prompts to save even though no changes were made.

Glad to know it’s not just me. This should be fixed.

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OK. This is fixed on develop with commit 5b9a07e. It will take a few minutes until the commit is visible on our public repo.