AudioPluginHost Crash on a Mac M1 - anyone else experiencing this?


I’m using Juce for the first time in 12 years (time flies, feels like just yesterday!) and I’m hitting the following crash on the AudioPluginHost when following the Projucer plugin tutorial. I have a Mac M1 running Ventura.

I followed the code through the stack trace and I must admit I’m stumped. It seems like the code block around the call is getNumSingleDirectionChannelsFor would crash already at initialize if component were a nullptr. Could it be that initialize itself sets component to nullptr?

if (component->initialize (vst3HostContext->getFUnknown()) == kResultOk)
                        auto numInputs  = getNumSingleDirectionChannelsFor (component, Direction::input);
                        auto numOutputs = getNumSingleDirectionChannelsFor (component, Direction::output);

                        createPluginDescription (desc, file, companyName, name,
                                                 info, info2.get(), infoW.get(), numInputs, numOutputs);


I tried closing, reopening, and rebuilding the AudioPluginHost, but to no avail - the error keeps popping up. Thanks in advance for any tips you may have!

That’s not a crash, it’s just warning you that a function is being called from the wrong thread. You can use the out-of-process scanning mode to do the scanning on the main thread.