AudioPluginHost Throws EXC_BAD_ACCESS when Scanning VST3

I encountered an interesting issue today while using AudioPluginHost. I have a UAD Apollo (8, first gen Thunderbolt), which I have set as my Audio output in APH. I’m on the most recent build of JUCE and APH. I compiled a VST3 plugin, opened APH and want to scan for available VST3s in order to add it. I got



AudioPluginHost[959:22089] dynamic_cast error 2: One or more of the following type_info's has hidden visibility. They should all have public visibility. N4juce23AudioProcessorParameterE, N4juce19AudioParameterFloatE, N4juce20LegacyAudioParameterE.

in the debugger.

I set my audio out back to “internal default output device” and tried again. Works fine!

And then I noticed this red directory in the list of VSTs. If I delete that directory, set my audio out back to the Apollo, and scan it gives me the BAD_ACCESS. If I set my audio out back to the Apollo without deleting it, I do not get the error.

Has anyone else encountered this?