AudioProcessor::getPlayHead() returns NULL in standalone

Hi, just wanted to check this is correct. I can understand if it is, but as the pluginhost generates a valid playhead wondered whether there should be a similar mechanism in place for standalones?


Yes, if you read the docs:

    If the host can't or won't provide any time info, this will return nullptr.

I’m not sure what you’d expect the demo host to send as timecode, as nothing in there is relevant when there’s no timeline or “playhead”.

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Hi Jules. Yes, saw that in the docs, but as the demo host does provide a playhead i figured there was some basic code behind it firing off from some timer code and wondered if that should also exist for the standalone. Was just wondering why they were different and if I’d missed something basic before writing my own code…

Hmmm … interesting thought at least.

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