AudioProcessorGraph and FX Sends

Here’s a quick question, just so I don’t re-invent things. :oops:

I’m using the AudioProcessorGraph to add multiple PlugIns, (VSTs) but each can have a FX Send path. (actually 4 sends per VST) I wonder if there’s a way to set Volume for graph connections, or I have to create my own AudioProcessor FX Send and connect to each VST and connect it to the FX Sends? Just checking, so I don’t re-invent things…

Thanks again.


Hummm, actually, I think I have to come with another solution.

  1. create a AudioProcessorEx that would load a plugin, shows its editor, plus, on top of it, attach some options like Volume, Pan, FX Sends, FX Inserts, Midi Processor Inserts, … and add 4 extra stereo outputs which would be used for the FX sends.

  2. use a graph to attach those all.

That should work better. I just need to figure out how to handle a few things and I’m good to go. :mrgreen:

Ok, now I’m just talking to myself here… :oops: :wink: