AudioProcessorGraph createOrderedList bottlenecks

Hey All,

I have an audio processor graph which has become quite complex. I use inputs into nodes for modulation, as well as other inputs to modulate those modulations, this is available for every parameter inside of the node, and, as you can imagine… the amount of possible connections in the graph becomes quite large quite quickly…

This was never really a problem when I had a few single large nodes with lots of connections, however, I’ve recently broken my graph up into many more smaller modular pieces.

I’ve hit a bottleneck in the creation of the ordered list in the processor graph, it looks like there were some conversation about optimizing this code but it doesn’t appear it made it’s way into JUCE.

Just wondering if anyone else has hit this issue & if they may be willing to offer some suggestions to optimize it?

Off the top of my head, I’d be happy to set a fixed processing order in the nodes, and skip the automated creation of the ordered list entirely, but I don’t want to go hacking away at stuff if there’s a simpler fix.