AudioProcessorGraph dead nodes

I did fix it, back in March.;a=commit;h=431978b4ff5207e3e7696e94c2d905baf9fb5e48

Update to the latest tip is the best thing you can do.
Instead of wasting of your time with already already fixed bugs, you can invest time in fixing new bugs :wink:
Also, the longer you wait, the more complicated it will be to upgrade to the latest current tip.

Sorry for the noise, I didn’t find the change proposed on the other thread in the current tip, so I thought it was not yet integrated. Maybe Jules fixed it in another way.

On a side note, upgrading to the latest tip is always a pain. I have so many patches to integrate every time and C++ won’t let me do that without changing the original sources.

Are you using Git? If you have a Git repository for your sources, and you bring JUCE in using git-subtree, you can keep your patches the JUCE code base by doing frequent rebases, and most of the time the application of your commits (patches) should be automatic.

Better convince jules to make changes (or send him patches), to get the behavior you want, without need patching juce every time you download it (through new look and feel functions, or to make functions virtual and subclassing etc…)
If you add much functionality, sometimes it is better to copy objects, and make you own versions of it, instead of patching them always, after you download the current tip. I think this is much more elegant.

Yes, that’s the way I will go. Even more so as the fixes have already proven to be safe and stable.