AudioProcessorGraph jassert warning

when I add an input or output node to the AudioProcessorGraph, setPlayConfigDetails() function gives me a debug warning on the line:

jassert (newNumIns == getTotalNumInputChannels() && newNumOuts == getTotalNumOutputChannels());

Is it a valid behavior?

I think that it is in order, because input is {0,2} and output is {2,0}, but I am not sure.

Can you be more specific when you see this. It normally means that the AudioProcessor does not support the number of channels that you are asking for.

The warning is appeared for this case:

ioProcIn = new AudioProcessorGraph::AudioGraphIOProcessor(AudioProcessorGraph::AudioGraphIOProcessor::audioInputNode);
ioProcInNode = graph.addNode(ioProcIn);

Therefore I think¨, it is a normal behaviour, because the input node (in my opinion) supports no input channels and two output channels.