AudioProcessorGraph nodes and io channels

I have the following lines of code:

AudioProcessorGraph _graph;
AudioProcessorPlayer _player;
MyAudioProcessor _my_internal_plugin;  //A class that inherit by AudioPluginInstance and have 2 out channels in plugin description
_player.setProcessor (&_graph);
deviceManager->addAudioCallback (&_player);  //device manager is an instance of AudioDeviceManager and have a active sound card with two active out channels

At this point _graph has two out channels but _my_internal_plugin has 0 out channels. Why? How can the audio processor nodes inside AudioProcessorGraph have the same output channels of current audio device?


OT: It’s not a good idea to precede your variables with an underscore - that’s generally used as a way to indicate symbol that are provided by the system library (and a double underscore means an internal compiler symbol). Looks kind of weird too…

Anyway… If you’ve written your own plugin class, you’d just need to call setPlayConfigDetails to set the number of channels.