AudioProcessorPlayer documentation



AudioProcessorPlayer Doxygen generated documentation is not faithfully correct. It does not reflect the methods inherited from AudioIODeviceCallback, for instance, the following methods:

void audioDeviceIOCallback (const float **inputChannelData, int totalNumInputChannels, float **outputChannelData, int totalNumOutputChannels, int numSamples) void audioDeviceAboutToStart (AudioIODevice *device) void audioDeviceStopped ()

On the other hand, if you think I’m bothering you with this kind of posts, please feel free to say it, it is not my intention :wink:



AFAIK there’s no option in doxygen to make it generate the comments for overloaded methods… I could be wrong, but I never found a setting like that.


You are right. I was comparing with its brother Class AudioSourcePlayer and the difference is that, in AudioSourcePlayer, you’ve commented what methods are inherited from AudioIODecviceCallback.