Hi, I made an AudioProcessorUndoAttachment class to connect an AudioProcessor with an UndoManager:

Everyone's welcome to use it, review it, report bugs, or even incorporate it into JUCE :)

It's intended for plugins that do not use AudioProcessorValueTreeState (which already has UndoManager support).

Cheers, Yair

(Possible bug) Clearing AudioProcessorValueTreeState undo history after setting state
Group mulitple setValueNotifyingHost calls into one UndoManager transaction
AudioProcessorValueTreeState & UndoManager usage

Man, just wanted to say thank you!
Your solution works perfectly out of the box!
If you go to ADC this year (and I hope I will :slight_smile: ) I’ll make sure to pay you a beer!


Many thanks for this! Dropped it straight into our plug-in and works perfectly. :smiley::sunglasses: