AudioProcessorValueTreeState and Ableton

I’m developing a reasonably complex synthesiser and I’ve recently implemented usage of AudioProcessorValueTreeState to handle audio state and the connection to UI elements.

I’ve noticed that in Ableton all of my parameters are exposed and visible straight away. That’s not going to be a good idea as there are hundreds of them.

The way other synths (Serum, Spire, Zebra2 etc) work is that none of the parameters are exposed until you hit the ‘Configure’ button in Ableton and move the control on the synth. Then it appears and is adjustable.

Is there a way of achieving this whilst still retaining all of my state controls in APVTS? I’m still hoping I can take advantage of the undo facility so using a reduced tree wouldn’t work as I’d only be able to undo elements in the tree.

I’ve been pouring over the docs but nothing’s jumping out at me.

Okay, after sifting through forum posts a little more and actually reading the Ableton docs here’s the deal in case anyone else gets puzzled by this.

Ableton shows all parameters if there are fewer than 64 of them. Any more than that and they’re all hidden and select ones have to be made visible using the ‘Configure’ option. I had just under 64 although in the end there’ll be a few hundred so I don’t have to worry about this.