AudioProcessorValueTreeState performance?

Have been investigating the AudioProcessorValueTreeState.

One thing that I noticed is that it does a string compare of the paramID using linear search when you want to set/get the value. This is totally fine for a small plug-in, I’m wondering how this would scale in a complex commercial product where you might have upwards of 5000 parameters. I’m thinking of a situation where a slider is being adjusted and it is firing off multiple set parameters and each time it is running through all 5000 for a match using a string compare. An integer paramID that would index directly into the array of parameters would be a lot better? Also, how does it work on preset load? Maybe I’m overly concerned about performance!

Performance of APVTS is critical on your DSP thread (AudioProcessor).
That’s why you’ll see also on JUCE’s own example the use of getRawParameterValue() . so for the actual calls even if you need parameter to be read every sample you’re using simple pointer.

perhaps you can keep a pointer to your AudioProcessorParameterWithID (which is returned by AudioProcessorValueTreeState::createAndAddParameter()) and call getValue() directly on it if you want to avoid the paramID search ?

But one thing that is a bit cpu heavy however is the call to NormalisableRange::convertTo0to1()
every time you call AudioProcessorValueTreeState::Parameter::getValue()