AudioThumbnail to work like AudioLiveStreamingDisplay


I am working on displaying the time domain signal of the sound card input and file playback at the same time or soem combination of these channels(MY sound card has 8 input channels and two channels for file). So, I want to display all the channels as the live stream(For example: only the last 100 samples, just like the AudioLiveStreamingDisplay).

SInce AudioLiveStreamingDisplay is for only one channel(or sum of all channels). I had a look at the AudioThumbnail. It looks perfect for my application(With addBlock). But the problem is, it is continuously accumulating the data and so it doesnt look good and also in a long time performance will be affected. If I do audiothumbnail reset, the whole data is lost.  It Just want to display the data only from last 10/20 addblocks.

Is it possible to do it?? Could anyone please help me on this??


Thanks in advance for your reply.



Sorry I didnt see that the start time can be changed. Now I am able to get the live scrolling with AudioThumbNail.

But even then, it does looks like it is continuously accumulating the data. So, for example, if the same runs for more than one hour, will it not lead to performance/memory lag??

May be I missed something. Could someone throw me light on this??



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You should probably just use a performance analyzer to see how much memory and CPU it takes up over time. I love how Visual Studio 2015 pops up a little analyzer by default when aa program runs so I can never forget about it. You shouldn't need to test it for an hour. Just see if it continuously climes or something. 

Thanks. I will check that.


Also, I need to add the x and y axis values and labels. Do you know how to do it???