AudioUnit v1 & v2 support in Catalina

Hi all, so the Catalina beta release notes say…

Carbon component-based Audio Units are deprecated and support will be removed in a future release.


Does anyone know more about this? and when support might be removed?

Surely anything 64-bit will be Cocoa based and now that 32-bit has been dropped this won’t matter?

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There this message for a while now:

This application, or a library it uses, is using the deprecated Carbon Component Manager for hosting Audio Units. Support for this will be removed in a future release. Also, this makes the host incompatible with version 3 audio units. Please transition to the API’s in AudioComponent.h.

And I guess they mean only those using the resources object.
JUCE had both for quite a few years now. (the old resources and the new).

So I guess as @dave96 stated, 64bit compiled AU should work until Apple announce deprecation.

Catalina btw won’t run anything 32-bit throwing bad cpu type in executable (there’s another vouge deprecation note about that in the release notes).

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OK maybe I’m getting confused (as always) between the deprecation of Carbon and AudioUnits. In other words we believe if a plugin is 64bit compliant then this news should have no impact regardless of the AudioUnit version in question? (I can’t remember but I guess AUv1 may have been 32bit only?).

I think so? Wasn’t Carbon 32-bit only?

Yes I believe so which I guess is what confuses me a little about the messaging.