AudioUnitPluginFormat::createPluginInstance() random crash

So very intermittently with the same plugin while scanning I get a EXC_BAD_ACCESS error at line 2309 in AudioUnitPluginFormat::createPluginInstance().

When it crashes it looks like auComponent has bad data (can’t be sure because Xcode won’t show anything for the variable) which may be traced back to componentDesc but I can’t get it to happen reliably enough.

I’ll keep trying to get it to happen again.

This is with the latest JUCE commit.



Nope… componentDesc looks like it contains valid data… the plugin is actually doing a SIGALERT first and then the EXC_BAD_ACCESS both at the same line… but I can loop the scanner 200 times and it won’t happen… but just occasionally it’ll decide to do this… and it’s always the same plugin so I’ll report it to the manufacturer.

I haven’t figured out how to catch the exceptions from another thread.