AudioUnits and num ticks

I’m just posting this to see if anyone can confirm what I think I’ve learned. I’ve been digging both through the Juce AU wrapper and through the AudioUnits SDK. It appears that AudioUnits may not be bright enough to query a parameter about the number of steps in its range. There’s only min, max and default. That’s not really a problem as long as we’re within our own GUIs, since we have local access to all of those values and can make knobs and sliders behave sensibly.

But it’s a whole other thing with external controllers. I’m observing different DAWs making up their own step sizes, resulting in knob action that may easily be too coarse or too fine. This is of course not the fault of Juce, but would be a weakness of the AU spec. If somebody doesn’t ask, how you gonna tell 'em?

But I’m just checking to see if Jules or others have observed this same thing. The deeper I look, the creakier AU gets.