Authentication Timeout

I have a minor annoyance/request. I hadn’t used ProJucer for about 3 weeks and was about to take a 6hr plane flight. I thought “sweet, i’ll finally have time to do some programming once this plane is off the ground”. Sure enough, as soon as the plane is up in the air and I try to use ProJucer, i get the message that I’m not authenticated and can’t use the LiveCompile feature, and it keeps asking me to sign in. So, obviously you guys require ProJucer be able to call home occasionally before you can use it. This was annoying! If there’s any way to either increase the time needed between ProJucer logins or allow use of the Live Compile offline, that would be great.

The Projucer needs to talk to the servers at least every two weeks. So make sure to check-in to your account before you go on a long flight. Sorry!