Autocomplete keyboard interfering with top line of keys in iOS 9

We’ve just had a bug report that the keyboard in out iOS app isn’t appearing correctly on iOS 9. Has anyone seen anything similar? I’m wondering if this is a JUCE thing or if simply rebuilding with the iOS9 SDK will fix the problem?

I can’t actually build with Xcode 9 at the moment without updating my Mac which I’m not really in a position to do. So if anyone can say “Yes, we saw that and building with the newest SDK fixed it” that would be a great help :wink:

unrelated question, why don’t you make a partition to put the latest version of OS X on? 50GB seems like enough space…

I only have a 250GB hard disk and currently only have 22GB free…

I did manage to update to macOS 10.12.6 though and that’s enough to run Xcode 9.
Still need to figure out some problems with the iOS build to get it on to my phone though (the usual developer of this app is on holiday).

for what it’s worth:

1TB External - $54

I’ve got plenty of external storage and have loaded macOS on to external drives in the past, it’s just painfully slow to boot and run though.

Before spending half a day installing and setting up a new OS I just wondered if anyone else had seen this problem since the introduction of iOS 11. The app was last updated in March so will be using a fairly old version of JUCE.

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Any updates on this? I’m also one of the developers on the project, just back from holiday :slight_smile:
…and also hoping to avoid the dreaded upgrade to Xcode 9 until necessary!