Automated testing of aax plugins

Hi all! We’re setting up a CI/CD pipeline and we’d like to set up automated testing of our plugins. Does anyone know of good tools for this? We’re especially interested in AAX testing, as we’ve periodically had issues where folks report not being able to open certain plugins on certain architectures. Concretely, we’d like the CI to open up a document, bounce a track, and then we’d listen to the artifact once a day or so. Thanks!

It’s in its early stages, but the Pro Tools scripting SDK could do this. You can get access through an Avid developer account.

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I haven’t used it myself, but the Dish tool (DSH) is worth checking out. It’s in the AAX SDK IIRC.


We use the AAX Validator DSH tool in our CI, wrapped up in some python scripts to extract the test results in JUNIT format. This provides for the basics (i.e. will the plug-in open in Pro Tools?), but in terms of automated processing, you would need to explore the AAX Tools DSH (this is available to download in the Avid Developer portal), or write your own basic AAX host. That’s a scary statement…

If you explore the AAX Validator in CI, be careful to use the version of Ruby distributed with the tools! And also take note that on macOS there are separate Intel (x86_64) and Apple Silicon (arm64) distributions, and you may want to consider running both on Apple Silicon to test stability when running under Apple’s Rosetta 2. Also, last time I checked the “Data_Model” test on Windows took around eight minutes, so if you pay for your CI minutes you may want to keep an eye on that test.