Automation Data Exists?

Before I roll my own, I was wondering if there is code that detects whether the edit contains automation data?

I can scan through the edit data easily enough, but it occurred to me that maybe there was already a built-in function for this. But, I have not found it.

Thanks in advance.

No, but you could use getAllAutomatableEditItems as a starting point and just check isAutomationNeeded() on the results?

Will do!


By the way…

Should getAllAutomatableEditItems actually be getAllAutomatableParams?

And, isAutomationNeeded() should be isAutomationActive()?

getAllAutomatableEditItems and isAutomationNeeded are kind of shortcuts as rather than iterating all the parameters they get just the AutomatableEditItems (Plugins, Modifiers etc.) and return if any of their parameters have automation.