AUv3 Parameter Issues

I’m Currently running a beta test for my new iOS AUv3. A user has reported issues with automation tracking. Please see the attached screenshot of the automation for a “choice” parameter in Cubasis 2 (I’m told it doesn’t work in Cubasis 3). When I recorded this it started at the lowest value, before moving to a second value and then back to the lowest. The initial low value isn’t recorded which has led to this user saying “the automation doesn’t work”. Is this something that others have run into as a problem? Do I need to contact Steinberg and report this or is it likely I am doing something wrong?

EDIT: In Cubasis 3 its also not picking up all the parameter names, they are just listed as the plugin name, not the parameter. It’s not actually automating these at all. I’m wondering if this has something to do with parameter id (seems to happen with longer parameter ids)?