AUV3 plugin on iOS not honouring constraints

Hi, I have a plugin that I’m running under AUM on iOS.

The plugin has some constraints for aspect ratio and sizes set up but these are being ignored it would seem. Code works fine in desktop plugins (e.g. VST3, AU etc).

Any ideas? thx

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I’ve also run into that on the Mac. I believe @reuk has more information.

As far as I’m aware, setting constraints in iOS AUv3 is not possible. I usually manually rescale my UI within the window size that I’m given.

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Hi. thx.I don’t want to rescale as the aspect ratio would be off. It’s just possible to have a lot of white space in the window which doesn’t look great. I guess if that’s a limitation it’s something the users will have to live with. thx

There’s some more info here:

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hi - thx for the link, but everything seems fine on desktop, it’s iOS that’s the issue.