AUv3 Under 300MB vs Graphics Quality

Hey guys, I really need your help. I’m coming into a crossroads with the AUv3 and it’s 300MB limit. My graphics are very rich with a lot of shadows, gradients, and overlays. I’ve been doing graphics the old school PSD way. I’ve now discovered SketchApp and I’m able to make the same rich graphics in vector. The problem is that if you make things in vector, in order to save RAM, you have to forget about textures, shadows, advanced gradients, etc…

How are other AUv3 guys doing their GUIs, with the limited SVG rendering in Juce? Are you:

  1. Using Low Res Graphics of bitmaps
  2. Using Vector, but limiting the advanced eye candy stuff
  3. Or using another tool for GUI

For those who are familiar with SketchApp, please tell me if these are too much for Juce?