AUVAL fails validation Killed

Hi everyone. I was testing distributing my first plugin in some beta users. I have signed and notarized the plugin and tested the installer on three MacOs machines (11.4, 10.14 and 10.13). One of my beta users are having a problem in validating the AU file for Logic. Runing AUVAL he gets the following:


Manufacturer String: SLL Beta
AudioUnit Name: SLL_Beta_Plugin
Component Version: 1.1.0 (0x10100)

    • PASS

Killed: 9

I could not find anything regarding this problem and it does not help me at all with a solution since it only has KILLED.

Did anyone ever found this problem? It worked in other machines… It is my first time distributing a plugin and I am not being able to make it work in that machine (With the same architecture and versions as the ones I tested).

Thank you in advance for your time reading this.

That is referring to the signal number:

9	SIGKILL (KILL)	Kill	Forced termination; cannot be trapped

I was going to suggest that you run AUVAL from XCode with a debug build in order to see where the problem is occurring, but then I realised that

likely means you are not able to reproduce the same behaviour?

Exactly. I tested the same in other users and machines and none of them had this problem. I have no access to their machine and they do not have xcode. Thank you for the suggestion @asimilon :slight_smile:

Wasn’t much of suggestion! :joy:

This might be more useful though:

I think what this is saying is that AUVAL has sent a SIGKILL to your plugin, likely because it got stuck in an infinite loop. Perhaps ask your tester if there is a very long pause before any output from AUVAL, or if there is a long pause between previous output and the point where it shows the Killed: 9 message.

Good luck! Fixing bugs that can’t be recreated locally is one of the hardest things in software development!

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Thank you. I will try to do that. :slight_smile: