Auval vs. pluginval: auval creates two AU plugin instances in a row without deleting the first

Has anyone else noticed this?

When I debug attached to auvaltool, I can see that for TESTING OPEN TIMES: COLD: it creates one instance, then for WARM: it immediately creates a second instance without deleting the first. Then it apparently deletes the first one and keeps the second around for the rest of the tests.

I’m not saying this is wrong, but it was crashing because of something I need to fix related to a global pointer. (Note to self: get rid of all globals.)

But pluginval does not apparently do it the same way, because it does not find the issue, or trip on it. Isn’t pluginval supposed to evaluate an AU with the same methods that auval does? My plugin was crashing logic validation, yet pluginval says it Passed.