Aux outputs for Rtas plugin

How can i add aux outputs to an Rtas plugin? Is it even possible in Juce?
Aux outputs are supported in the Rtas SDK but i couldn’t find anything related in the Juce code.
Does anyone have experience with it, do i have to modify the RtasWrapper for this?


I don’t think this is supported in Juce but this is not so difficult to edit the wrapper to do that.
In CreateEffectTypes() you have to add this:

// Enable Aux Output Stems (multiple outs)

In EffectInit(), you have to do something like this:

for (int output=1; output < JucePlugin_NumOutputBusses; ++output)
    // Enable Aux Output Stems (multiple outs)
    char name[256];
    int outputNum = 1+2*(output - 1) + 2; // TODO: this assumes the main output is stereo...
    sprintf(name, "My plugin Aux %i", output);  
    AddAuxOutputStem(new CAOSInfo(ePlugIn_StemFormat_Stereo, outputNum, name));

I am not totally sure that the outputNum will be the same value for your project. I don’t remember exactly how it works.

Hope this helps.


I’m getting: Allocation of incomplete type ‘CAOSInfo’ …
Not sure how to resolve that one

maybe you have to add this at the beginning of the file

#include "CAOSManager.h"

Off course … Shouldn’t have missed that!