Avoid snap of min and max value thumbs on mouse click, in three value slider

Is it possible to make the 3 value horizontal slider to only snap the main thumb to the mouse position, on a click. I am using the slider as a timeline scrubber of a video player with min and max value thumbs as in/out points to the video.

Currently, i think the default behavior is when i click on the slider it snaps the thumb which is closest to the mouse position, to where i clicked the mouse. But i only want to force it to move the main thumb only (when using mouse click to snap slider to a value).


Anything's possible, but I'd be reluctant to change the default behaviour or to bloat the slider class with any more options for edge-cases like that. Feel free to suggest other approaches you think we might be able to take that would help you do what you need..

..actually, I can't seem to reproduce a problem with it. Do you have a code sample that gives the problem behaviour?