Bandpass filter with flat shape

Hi! I’m designing an audio plugin and it uses filters from Juce. Now the shape of a bandpass filter looks like the one in the first picture. However I’d like to implement the filter with the shape of the second picture. How to do that? Can I do this with existing Juce classes?


You can model that sort of shape with a pair of filters, a high pass filter to remove the lower frequencies, and a low pass filter to remove the higher frequencies, keep their cutoff frequencies apart to give you the bandpass.

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Or with more than one bandpass in series, but you have to get the spacing of the centre frequencies right to get a flat top.

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Thanks for the answers! I’d like to clarify my question - the top of the shape doesn’t have to be super flat. It can be a little bit rounded as long it’s not that sharp as in the first picture. I found some information about this, and Butterworth bandpass could do the trick. But I can’t find it in Juce. Propable not available in Juce as standard?