Basic Audio 'Save As' dialog


I think this is a basic type question, but I was wondering if someone could nudge me in the right direction regarding the creation of a ‘save’ dialog box that allows the user to select which audio format that want to save? I’m thinking a dialog box with a FilenameComponent, and a combobox that is populated with available types from information retrieved from AudioFormatManager. Or, is there another way? possibly even an existing component? Thanks.



as a follow up, I realize I would like the full FileChooser type dialog, with the extra controls in it. How is this done? Do I over-ride FileChooser and override paint in such a way that the base class does it’s painting, and then I do mine? But, then how do I make sure the window is big enough for my controls? Anyways, enough speculation, any pointers? :slight_smile:



If you need a really customised dialog, you can add your own component to the juce file browser classes. The juce demo has an example of using this to show an image preview panel.


Thanks Jules. I took a quick peak at the demo’s usage of the FilePreviewCompoenent, but it is not immediately obvious how I can leverage the preview component for my desired purposes. But, I’ll contiinue to explore, as I assume there is a way, since you suggested it.



FileChooser::browseForFiletoSave() ?


I suggested that because the image component could actually be any any component you like - but reading your post again, maybe that’s not what you’re looking for. I’ve not got currently done any code that would add a file type list to a normal box, though.


ok… so, let me change the question. Using JUCE, what is the common way to allow someone to save different formats? Menu items for each audio format one can save? A dialog for selecting formats, then the actual save dialog? Complete custom dialog? Other?



TBH I don’t think I’ve ever written an app that needed to do that!


I would have assumed Tracktion saved mixes to multiple formats? But maybe the path to that result is different from my needs. I think I should post this particular question to the forums and see what others have done. Thanks… :slight_smile:



cpr : you might modify the sources by yourself… should not be very complicated to add a listbox and other stuffs around…
jules : some applications allow you to save in multiple format, but im not sure you & cpr are understing the same trick.


Hi at all,

I would like to know, if its possible to show only the Filename in the box, instead of the fullPathFilename?