Beat Kangz Electronics is Hiring

Beat Kangz Electronics, LLC is looking for a full time remote developer to work on their flagship “Beat Thang” software and hardware drum machine. I used to work for them, and they are very cool, laid back guys with a lot of passion. Feel free to PM me if you want more info, but here’s all you should need:

must-have skills:

  • C++
  • Windows (Visual Studio 2010) and Mac (Xcode)
  • some familiarity with Linux application development tools
  • audio production, recording, music
  • familiarity with digital audio workstation systems such as Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, etc.

would-be-nice-to-have skills:

  • embedded systems; including cross compiling, remote debugging of code running on custom hardware
  • assembly language (in particular, ARM)
  • DSP (especially resampling)
  • JUCE framework

Please send your resume and a short letter to Please put your name and “Audio Software Engineer” in the subject line.