BEGINNER - if I create something on JUCE using Android Studio, would the finished product be useable on Logic Pro X on a mac?

This might be a very stupid question, but I’m literally just starting out with Audio programming so apologies in advance

I have an old macbook which is incompatible with Monterey. I can’t therefore download the new version of Xcode.

If I use Android Studio with JUCE and build a plugin, would I be able to use this plugin on Logic Pro X?

Like I say, might be a stupid question, but I’d like to ensure that what I build will actually work on my DAW before I rattle through hours of tutorials.

Hope someone can help and happy to have joined the community


JUCE requires Xcode 10.1 and macOS 10.13.6 to build. You don’t need the very latest Xcode or OS. Older Xcode versions are available on the Apple developer portal.

If you’re developing a plug-in, I’d strongly advise against using Android Studio.