Beginner: Well written, overly commented source code for learning?

Hi all, I've spent 6 months working through Stroustrup's 'Programming: Principles and Practices' and now finally getting stuck into JUCE!

The JuceDemoPlugin is very helpful for a beginner (I can't fully understand the Class API Reference/source comments yet, the heirarchy is still confusing, but becoming clearer). Comments like this are very helpful...

// This method will be called by the host, probably on the audio thread, so
// it's absolutely time-critical. Don't use critical sections or anything
// UI-related, or anything at all that may block in any way!

...and not exactly obvious to me!

Is there any similar plugin source code that is well written and heavily commented? (Even commenting the obvious stuff?)

Well written is must I don't want to be picking up bad habits!

Thanks in advance,

P.s. I have done forum and Google searches ; )