Beginning to program in Mac/XCode

Dear Jules, dear all,

I must admit it. I am a experienced W32 programmer but OSX/Xcode I am an absolute beginner, so I’ll ask questions from scratch.

  1. Is it valid your “The Juce Polymorphic Plugin Project!” document (\juce\extras\audio plugins\How to use this framework.txt)?
    I mean, about Mac/Rtas it says that

[quote]Add the following to your “Header Search Paths” setting (it’s easiest to copy-and-paste this setting from
the demo project):
"(MacBag)/../AlturaPorts/TDMPlugIns/PlugInLibrary/**" "(MacBag)/…/AlturaPorts/TDMPlugIns/DSPManager/**"
"(MacBag)/../AlturaPorts/TDMPlugIns/SupplementalPlugInLib/Encryption" "(MacBag)/…/AlturaPorts/TDMPlugIns/SupplementalPlugInLib/GraphicsExtensions"
"(MacBag)/../AlturaPorts/TDMPlugIns/common" "(MacBag)/…/AlturaPorts/TDMPlugIns/common/PI_LibInterface"
"(MacBag)/../AlturaPorts/TDMPlugIns/PACEProtection/**" "(MacBag)/…/AlturaPorts/OMS/Headers"
"(MacBag)/../AlturaPorts/Fic/Interfaces/**" "(MacBag)/…/AlturaPorts/Fic/Source/SignalNets"
"(MacBag)/../AlturaPorts/DSIPublicInterface/PublicHeaders" "(MacBag)/…/DAEWin/Include"
"(MacBag)/../AlturaPorts/DigiPublic/Interfaces" "(MacBag)/…/AlturaPorts/DigiPublic"
"(MacBag)/../AlturaPorts/NewFileLibs/DOA" "(MacBag)/…/AlturaPorts/NewFileLibs/Cmn"
"(MacBag)/../AlturaPorts/TDMPlugIns/SignalProcessing/**" "(MacBag)/…/AvidCode/AVX2sdk/AVX/avx2/avx2sdk/inc"

but your current demo project does not have them. In fact, I was browsing the GIT and the last version it had it, it was Wed, 15 Jul 2009.

To sum up, is the current audio plugin demo valid? Can I compile it in XCode for RTAS tweaking just only JucePluginCharacteristics.h and it will work?

Thank you as usual,


Get the latest version from GIT, and use the introjucer to generate your plugin project. There’s really no point in doing it manually any more, it’s just a hassle.