Best approach for Android/iOS app with JUCE

Hi everyone,

this thread was useful to me for implementing the SKStoreReviewController.requestReview() function in my latest app, and having seen how few people actually spontaneously rate apps these days, I think this is something absolutely every iOS (and probably also Android) app should implement.

Admittedly, it’s not very difficult to do, but it does involve a few steps:

  1. add a new class to your project as a wrapper around the SKStoreReviewController functionality you need
  2. make an iOS-only implementation of this class (in a .mm file)
  3. add to your ProJucer project the StoreKit framework under “Extra Custom Frameworks” (or should that be “Extra System Frameworks”?)

Wouldn’t make sense to make this functionality available either by default or in a JUCE module that can be added to a ProJucer project (something like a “mobile_app_helper” module)?

Best regards,