Best plugins made with JUCE you've used?

Also what plugins of Imagine-Line are made with JUCE?
Is Fruity Reverb 2?

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best analyzer ever, even against the commercial ones

Obviously the ones I’ve written. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face:


Everything Neural DSP of course. :upside_down_face:

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Pass me my trumpet…


What the difference between fabfilter plugins and neural dsp?
what is neural dsp?

Neural DSP develop guitar amp/cab/pedal sim plugins. A different kettle of fish from FabFilter, who specialise in dynamics and EQ plugins.

“Best” is very subjective. What is it you’re hoping to learn? What Juce is capable of? Whether plugin that you admire are made with Juce?

What does amp sim do?

sim(ulate) amp(lifier)s

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At this point I’m going to assume you’re trolling.

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Unfortunately completely useless for the latest macOSes unless you can sign the binary yourself. :frowning:

i’m on windows so idk what’s up with this whole signing thing. however it’s open source so maybe you can just compile it in a way that it works or so?