Best Pratice to embed additionanl binaries MacOSX


I have my main application that runs on MacOS that uses a binary file MyBin.bin that I have compiled separately.
On Windows, usually, secondary executable files are near the main .exe or in a subfolder, but on MacOSX, I am not sure what the good practice is.
I have which is a folder, inside there is are subfolders Content then Ressources. The real “exe” is in

I would like to have the best architecture, especially because I don’t know what embedding other binaries means in terms of signing and notarization :slight_smile:


Usually, additional executables go into
You can take a look at native Mac apps like iTunes to get an idea on how it’s supposed to look like.

Thanks :slight_smile:
But this special folder needs to be created manually and added in the custom ressouce for Xcode setting in the Projucer?
Do the embedded binaries need to be signed before being added to the project or not needed ( = when the app is signed it considers the binaries as being part of it ) ?


You can use XCode to automatically build and package your executables (see here).

I personally prefer writing my own post build script since I also need to do that on Windows. So that works too.

And yes if you want your app to be validated by the app store you need to sign the main app and packaged executables.

Hello again :slight_smile:

We still have an issue figuring this out. We succeeded in embedding “standard” resources (non executable) but we can’t find a way to run an executable that is packaged inside out app, the executable file is found but our app can’t run it, probably due to right issues. Our app can run fine other executable files that are not packages inside our app and can run find the executable if it is outside our app, for example in /Documents.

So it seems that executable ressources are not treated like non executable ressources and I have no idea what needs to be done from the Projucer :frowning: