Best strategy for dragging clip selection across tracks


You know, that’s a really good observation… As someone who spends vastly more time writing DAW code than using one, we tend to sometimes lose sight of obvious stuff like that!


Thanks, this observation is btw. from a point of view of a musician not programmer :wink: I’ve been recording for a couple of years and cannot remember moving together clips placed on different tracks…

This is a very interesting topic - I tested today how it is done in different DAWs. So far I checked:

  • Reaper - when clips are dragged also automation tracks are dragged. Why?
  • Reason - audio or midi clips are placed onto automation tracks and marked as not active. For what?
  • Live - ok, but their layout is so simple that it’s hard to make something wrong in this department :wink:
  • Cakewalk for Windows - they use ghost clips when dragging, so original clips don’t move. They also skip correctly through automation tracks. Looks very nice.